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09 TO 15 may, 2022

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In 7 Days “LIVE” Hacking Workshop Learn To Find Bugs That Get Paid $500 To $1000 As Bounties

  • 100% Practical Training
  • Get Professional Hacking Toolkit
  • Learn Everything From Scratch
  • No coding Knowledge Required
  • Step By Step Career Roadmap

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7 Days Content of this worksop

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1- About Ethical Hacking
2- Legal Aspect
3- Scope Of Ethical Hacking
4- Programming In Ethical Hacking
5- Procedure Of Hacking Attack
6- Earning Blueprint

1- Introduction to Parrot OS
2- Installing Parrot OS (Persistence Mode)
3- Other Methods of using Parrot OS
4- Installing Parrot on virtual box
5- Basic commands of Parrot OS
6- Advanced Stuff of Parrot OS

1- Introduction to Google Hacking
2- Dorks To Find Secrets Of Target
3- Scanning Using Dorks
4- Finding Hidden Gems
5- Case Study: A $$ Bug Bounty Using Google Hacking

1- Introduction to Social Engineering
2- Hacking Facebook & Instagram
3- Hacking Smartphones
4- Hacking Webcams & IOTs

1- Introduction to spoofing
2- Email Spoofing
3- Email Spoofing Protection
4- Caller ID spoofing
5- IP spoofing
6- Case Study: Criminal's Funnel Of Spoofing + Phishing

1- Website Hacking Introduction
2- Step By Step Procedure
3- Finding Technologies
4- Identifying the sensitive areas
5- Identifying Heat-points

1- Introduction to SQL
2- Verifying SQL Injection
3- Filter aviation Live
4- SQL Injection via SQLMAP
5- SQL Injection via JSQL
6- Case Study: How I Accessed User's Credit Card Info of e-com website Via SQL Injection

1- Introduction to XSS
2- Types Of XSS
3- Finding XSS
4- Filter Bypass
5- Automation using Kali
5- Like jacking practical
6- Finding 
6- Case Study: How I Earned $$ with XSS

1- Introduction To Bug Bounty
2- My Secret strategy
3- Tips and tricks
4- Things you should avoid
5- How To Choose Right Target
6- Advanced Method Of Recon
7- Finding Hidden Assets of Target
8- Much More....

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who is pranjal singhal


A Cyber Security Researcher and an Entrepreneur Acknowledged by Top IT giants including Google, Microsoft, Intel, Adobe, Dell, Lenovo, Paytm and many others for ethically finding security loophole in their web Application.

Pranjal has helped almost 45,000+ students to start their successful journey in the field of  cyber security!


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