hello It's me pranjal

I am an Ethical hacker And A Digital Marketer

I love to Design Web applications Find vulnerabilities provide optimised digital marketing solution

about me

I am the guy who pawned top IT giants including Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Twitter and many others. 

Along with cyber security, I have deep interest in Digital Marketing. Generating good ROI is my lust. 

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If you want to learn about Digital Marketing, Blogging, Cyber Security, etc, I have a dedicated learning hub for that. Simply visit there and start reading. 

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companies I successfully Hacked into


I am a freelancer Cyber Security Researcher turned digital marketer. I have taken part in multiple Bug Bounty programs and got acknowledgement by them. Till date, I worked for 15+ Top IT giants, including Google, Twitter, Adobe, Microsoft, etc. and these companies acknowledged me for my work. Some companies offered me a monetary reward too for my work.

I have a keen interested in working as a trainer for short term training programs.

Besides that, blogging and educational video making 📸 is my hobby. Apart from that, I am managing an offline business of female apparels.

I am very well interested in working as a freelancer for your upcoming projects. I am the guy to drive 600% ROAS for one of my clients. So, let’s do something big together.

Currently, I am working on my bog section @ https://learn.pranjalsinghal.in

Apart from this, I am also creating E-books to educate people about cybersecurity and Digital Marketing.

My main motto is to keep myself busy in some productive work from which I can gain satisfactory output🔥🔥.

Feel FREE to visit @ learn.pranjalsinghal.in for educational stuff 📙

Thanks for being here! 🙂



Learn Digital Marketing from the comfort of your home. It’s a 10 Day Internship Program where you’ll be provided with lesson and related exercise each day. Complete it and submit it to get eligible for next day lesson. 



MD Hirani
MD Hirani
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I was the one in this internship with 0 knowledge in DM, & I really learned many things through this internship program. I learned about marketing types, strategies to kick-start our journey, SEO's , Blogging ideas , its tips , how to increase traffic on our sites / blogs, strength of advertisements in DM , even-though I hadn’t started my blog yet, but will start soon .
Riya Mariaam
Riya Mariaam
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This 10 day marketing program is surely gonna make a huge difference in your lives. Thus this is a golden chance to secure a future for yourselves. Afterall a few degrees are not going to guarantee your future. There only your skills are going to matter. These 10 days are filled will a lot of assignments based on the topics covered. We could have a live question and answering sessions along with the educator. I am pretty sure that this class is going to change your outlook towards digital marketing.
Aman Gupta
Aman Gupta
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I think this internship gave me a quite good experience which had enhanced my skills in the field of digital marketing. I am quite sure that this had helped me a lot in gaining enough knowledge about certain aspects of digital marketing specially if i want to start a blog in future this surely gonna help me a lot. I liked the way this internship progress is going as certain assignments were pretty good which gave us a perfect overview of what a blog looks like and what it should have to attract the quality audience. We also got to know about some terms related to digital marketing such as SEO, landing page, quality audience and most recent social proof. So i can say on my end that it was a wonderful journey with our respected sir who was himself a inspiration for all of us.

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