hello It's me pranjal

I am an Ethical hacker / Digital Marketer

I love to Design Web applications Find vulnerabilities provide optimised digital marketing solution


Hey there! Pranjal this side and I am extremely thankful to you for showing your interest to know about me.  I am a 21 years old freelancer Cyber security researcher and a digital marketer from Kanpur Uttar Pradesh.  I have already helped Top IT Giants to secure their web applications and maintain a safe environment for their users.

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what is the cost of this course ?

Initially, this course is ABSOLUTELY FREE for a short duration of time.  You can avail it now and enjoy learning hacking 🙂


will I be able to understand if don't know much about hacking ?

Absolutely yes! this course is made for absolute beginners who have little or no knowledge in the field of cyber security. You will get a proper guidance too which will help you in career making.

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Who made this course ?

This course is made by different cyber security creators who are in the field of cyber security industry since multiple years.

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It all started when I was in 8th standard. I was keenly interested to get the knowledge about hacking, cracking web designing and development, etc. But being not so mature, my parents usually avoid getting me involved in such stuff. However, I somehow manage to gain access to my system and continued my researches with those childish keywords: P

During my 11th I attended a workshop on Cyber Security and get the beginning kick. After that, I started practicing myself, devoted 8+ hours per day and successfully managed to get recognized from Top IT giants including Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Intel and many more. I also got a monetary $$$ reward from many websites. Some companies gave me gifts for my appreciable work.

Now, along with the hacking stuff, I managed to learn about Digital Marketing and started working on it. I optimized a Facebook meme page and got around 20k likes in just 2 months. In the field of Digital marketing, I concluded 2 main things i.e  regularity and patience if you want to get satisfactory results.

That’s all about me. If Still if you think I missed something, just message me. I will get back to you. Lots of love


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